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Music Therapy and Training Services

Avainmusiikki offers music therapy and vibroacoustic treatment for all ages and training services for social and healthcare units etc. Therapy services available in Finnish, English and Swedish; training services in Finnish and English. The therapy reception and office is located in Aulangontie, Hämeenlinna, but therapy sessions can also be carried out at home, daycare centre, school or a healthcare unit (depending on the doctor´s referral etc.). Music Therapy services are available in Kanta-Häme and Southern Pirkanmaa districts. Short term trainings etc. are held both at Avainmusiikki´s office in Hämeenlinna and on client´s premises, throughout Finland.

Avainmusiikki is a private practice, which is concentrated on rehabilitation paid mostly by public institutions such as Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) and hospital districts.

- Music therapy by Kela demanding medical rehabilitation is paid by Kela. The therapy is possible via application and doctor´s referral for people under the age of 65, who are having difficulties in coping and participating in their daily lives due to an illness or an injury. Depending on the doctor´s referral, music therapy can be executed individually or in a group setting. If referred, separate guidance sessions for parents and multiprofessional therapy can also be included. Kela is covering the costs of music therapy and there are no additional fees for the client.

- Music therapy by Kela rehabilitative psychotherapy is possible for adolescents aged 16-25 years via application and doctor´s referral. The music psychotherapy is aiming at restoring the person's ability to work or study. Kela is covering most of the costs and there is an additional fee paid by the client or some other instance (such as for example social services) by agreement. 

- Music therapy by hospital districts require doctor´s referral and individual consideration by the hospital district. This can happen for instance if the client does not qualify as Kela rehabilitant or if there is a need for a music therapy assessment period.

- Music therapy is also paid with individual consideration by insurance companies, social welfare etc. or self-paid by clients, mostly with doctor´s referral.

- Vibroacoustic treatment as a method of music therapy or as separate service, as such self-paid by the client. The low frequency sound via a special mattress can help with relaxation, pain symptoms, sleeping difficulties and spasticism etc.

Music therapist at Avainmusiikki is Anne Takamäki, Doctoral Researcher of Music Therapy (part-time), M.A. in Music Therapy with Minor in Psychology, Music Therapist (broad spectrum training), B.A. in Music Pedagogy (early childhood music education), Licenced Practical Nurse (L.P.N. for disabled individuals) and VIBRAC Practitioner. She is experienced mostly in music therapy for people of autism spectrum and psychotherapy clients as well as multicultural and multiprofessional working. She has also long experience of vocational teaching of music for social and health care students and experience of music education and special education of music for children and for instance the severely disabled in both individual and group settings.

Avainmusiikki´s easily accessible office is on street level near Hämeenlinna Centre, address Aulangontie 2 C LH (2 C building, LH=office), 13210 Hämeenlinna, Finland. The Hämeenlinna buses 1-13 as well as some regional and long distance buses stop at the near by crossroads (Viipurintie & Aulangontie crossroads). There is also a relatively shirt distance to walk from the Hämeenlinna Railway Station. In front of the office there is a parking place for one vehicle and other free parking places are available near by. When travelling by taxi, it is recommended for the taxi to drive to the upper back yard of the building. There is a waiting room and toilette (not accessible by wheelchair) for our clients. The therapy rooms are about 40m2 and 12m2 in size.

Avainmusiikki uses music therapy methods based on scientific research and related equipment such as musical instruments, low frequency sound equipment (Multivib mattress and Taikofon pillow), ITC equipment, arts and communication materials, games and toys. The equipment used are suitable for children, adolescents and adults, both for demanding medical rehabilitation as well as music psychotherapy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details!

Contact information

Avainmusiikki Tmi

M.A. Music Therapist Anne Takamäki

tel. +358 40 683 7777

e-mail: info(at)avainmusiikki.fi  

(Please do not send diagnosis etc. medical information or social security number via e-mail for data safety reasons, thank you.)



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